FRBS - Fractional Reserve Banking Scam - 2017-03-13
This website is dedicated to all kind of Financial Terrorism:
The meaning of Mafia's with capital M!
Media Mafia's!
Financial Mafia's
Corporate Mafia's
Political & Religious Mafia's
The Panama Papers ICIJ - Corruption, money laundering, tax evasion for PROFIT!
ICIJ Offshore leak Corruption, money laundering, tax evasion for PROFIT!
ICIJ Lux leak SECRECY is the enemy of TRANSPARENCY!
ICIJ Swiss leak
In this website:
We don't sell anything!
We don't make profit!
We share social thinking & values!
We respect freedom of opinions!
We emphesize common sense!
We support UNIVERSAL VALUES on home education!
Useful links Money power education for tax payers and consumers!
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